Homework Snacks 9/04-9/08 & 9/11-915


Hey hey everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful week & weekend! We’re officially a month into school and we’re finally beginning to get the hang of the school day grind! It always takes a good month or so, doesn’t it?!

 Between soccer starting up and our trip to Nashville, I’m a week behind on my homework snack posts, so I thought I’d combine the last two weeks together for ya.

Hope you enjoy!

Cheesy, Beefy Taco Rolls, recipe via www.iwashyoudry.com

These were delicious!! Even my two year old had one! I actually saved the left over rolls, and packed them in their lunches the next day. (Click the link above for the full recipe.)

Served with mild salsa & guacamole. I like to make our guac fresh with a few avocados, salt, and minced garlic. When I’m in a pinch (or don’t have avocados on hand) I keep wholly Molly packets in my freezer and thaw them out quickly in a bowl of hot water. They always save the day!

These were two different days shown below..

Fresh fruit & hard boiled eggs//

Apple slices w/ peanut butter & Nutella, topped with raisins and granola!

This might just be my personal favorite…

Grilled cheese Sticks with marinara for dipping & pickles on the side!

Prepare a grilled cheese the way you normally would. (I like to spread dijon mustard on the insides of the bread for MINE-it’s sooo good!) Then slice your sandwich into sticks. Warm up a bit of marinara, tomato sauce or soup, for the ‘whole grilled cheese, tomato soup concept.’ So yummy!

Also Check Out  Herbed Goat Cheese Balls

Berry & banana smoothies! Super easy just blend together 1 C. frozen mixed berries, 1 banana, 1 C. of ice and desired amount of milk ( we use almond milk) If you need to sweeten it, I recommend adding a bit of honey or agave!

This one was soooo yummy but a little fancier than I like to do for homework snacks.. However I made it one morning and the boys kept picking at it, so homework snack it was!

It is a Focaccia with oranges, grapes & rosemary

Original recipe here, The original recipe calls for fennel & fennel seed. I went with green grapes & rosemary! Finished it off with a drizzle of honey.

A weekly must in our house..Good ol’ Salami, cheese & crackers!

& here it is..My boys’ all time favorite snack…APPLE NACHOS!

Thinly sliced apples, topped with drizzled, melted peanut butter, raisins, and white chocolate chips! These are so fun and super yummy! Get creative with them. I’ve added granola, mini marshmallows, m&ms, use whatever you have on hand!

And there ya go! Also, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the homework tray we keep on our table so keep your eyes peeled for a homework tray post, with all the details on that, coming soon!

What are some favorite creative snacks in your household?? Please share below!