Homework Snack Ideas Vol.1

The school year has just begun and we’re already exhausted and counting down the days to Thanksgiving break! I think its the hustle ‘n bustle that we have trouble adjusting to. We’d be perfectly happy sleeping in every morning and lounging around. Wouldn’t we all?

I don’t know what it is about the school day, but my boys are starving when they get home. So last year we started doing homework snacks. Here’s how that goes..Once they’re home from school, hands are washed, things are put away and homework is out, I put together a plate of food that is usually pretty healthy, fun & easy to eat. Sometimes it’s super creative and original and other times, it’s just random things that I need to use up. Whatever I choose to make on any given day, It’s really become a routine that keeps my kids focused and on task while they do their homework. They really enjoy & look forward to homework snacks.

At the beginning of each week, I’ll share with you the snacks I made the previous week, in hopes of giving you some yummy ideas for your kiddos!

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Green & red apples, grapes & bananas with a greek yogurt, honey & PB sauce for dipping.

I find that as long as I put a plate of variety in front of my kiddos, they tend to eat more & complain less! (Think different colors, shapes, textures, etc. )

Peanuts, hardboiled eggs w/ a little salt & pepper, salami & cheese.

Disclaimer: Half the time my kiddos will complain about what I’m putting in front of them, but heres the thing.. If they’re hungry, they will eat it! I’m not trying to be the “cool” mom. I’m trying to give my kids healthy and satisfying fuel to nourish their brains & tummies!

Bananas with honey & peanut butter, wrapped in wheat bread.

Skewered grape tomatoes, turkey & mozzarella// Monterey Jack quesadillas & guacamole.

& that’s last weeks round up of yummy, quick & easy snacks!