Family movie night

One of our favorite little traditions as a family over here at Miller de Casa, is our family movie night! We are so busy nowadays with work, school, sports, and so on, that we really rely on this tradition to be together, be present, and just enjoy each others company, in the comfort of our own home!

Which is why I like to go the extra mile and REALLY put thought into these evenings insuring that I AM making it special! Now I don’t always have a theme, I mean lets be honest, who has time to do these things every single movie night?! Not I! But I am a firm believer that its not always about quantity, but quality.

I like to surprise my boys with an over the top “invitation” like this one below! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look special. I ran to Walmart, picked up some poster board and a few of these wooden animal embellishments and bada bing bada boom!  Get creative with your invite!



I like to make a few FUN snacks to go along with what were watching. Now obviously this isn’t always that easy. And if I’m being honest, a plain ol bowl of popcorn would be just fine. (its the company you keep, ya know?) BUT, I’m not going for fine, were aiming for special, long lasting memories here..So, I hopped on over to Pinterest and found some great ideas. Took a few from here, and another from there and I was good to go! You can also find adorable, FREE printables for just about anything. So once I had decided on our movie, and the snacks I wanted to serve, back to the internet I went in search for food labels. In my opinion its such an easy, but very special touch!

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I almost always have both ribbon and leftover party cups in my storage ‘vault’, so I busted out the hot glue gun and came up with these fun cups.



My hubby had been asking for me to make banana pudding (with vanilla wafers) for quite some time, so thats how the “monkey pudding” was born. Two birds with one stone,  people!



The animal cracker popcorn was inspired by a cute animal party I’d found on Pinterest a while back. My older boys are popcorn fanatics and the baby (Brody-1 at the time) loves animal crackers, so that was a no brainer. Another thing I always have on hand, cellophane bags and craft rope. So I quickly popped some popcorn, threw in some animal crackers and put together these personal sized treat bags. Remember, its all in the details!



And last but not least the veggies, aka the “hungry hippo dip”. I don’t have a cute explanation for this. I was merely trying to think of something healthy to balance out all the other goodies, ha! But needless to say, my boys loved these too!



Look at these sweet, happy faces! It took me a few hours one Friday morning to throw all of this together (Walmart run included) and my boys have been talking about this for weeks! Now what are you waiting for? Go plan your family a special movie nigh,t and don’t forget to share!




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