Easy & Sentimental Christmas Thank You Cards

This year more than ever I am feeling the need to really bestow upon my boys gratitude and the ways to express it! During the holidays they receive so much and a simple thank you just doesn’t seem adequate for me anymore. The more my kiddos receive, the bigger my worry becomes that they will come to expect these gifts and not appreciate them as they should. With this heavy on my heart, the kids and I did some acts of kindness this month. We made cookies for family, friends, teachers, our mailman and UPS man. We made really nice cards and cookie platters for our local police & fire stations. And we donated toys to Toys for Tots. Although we could be doing so much more, my heart feels so full with what we’ve done so far!

christmas thank you cards

One thing I’ve always overlooked is the impact a ‘Thank You” card can make on the recipient. After all, what better way for my kids to reflect on how thankful they are for something they’ve been given, than by taking the time to put it into words, all on their own. After racking my brain for a cute and equally thoughtful ‘Thank You’ card idea, I remembered a little craft I saw online a while back called ‘thumbprint Christmas lights’. And that’s when I decided it would make the perfect easy & sentimental Christmas thank you card!

Christmas thank you cards

To make your own you’ll need:

White paper (preferrably card stock)
Black Sharpie
Pen or pencil
Paint in assorted colors ( finger paint or acrylic)

Start by folding a piece white paper in half ( I prefer card stock for this project). Now using a black sharpie, draw what will be your string. Notice I made little rectangle grooves for where the lights will “adhere”. In a corner somewhere I wrote the child’s name and age. This will be the front of your child’s card.

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Christmas thank you cards

At this point, I had the kids write out their cards. I made a list of who gave them what, and we discussed a few template ideas. Keep it simple and to the point unless your child wants to write extra. I noticed the more words that I tried to encourage, the more mistakes they made, and the more frustrated they became.

Christmas thank you cards

Once they’ve written out all of their cards, place your paint colors of choice on a paper plate.

Christmas thank you cards

Using their index finger, have them dip the tip of it into the paint then press it down against the little rectangles so that it looks like a bulb connecting to the string. Continue this method with each color, creating a pattern.

Christmas thank you cards

Let it dry for several hours then write “Thank You” on the front and mail them to their new homes! And there you have it. An easy & sentimental Christmas Thank You card for your loved ones.

Christmas thank you cards

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