My October Book Review

My October Book Review!!

whew! How is it already November?? It feels as though wee barely made it through October, not to mention Halloween! Anyone else with me on that one? As the kiddos get older these Holidays are becoming a little more challenging what with trying to keep up with our family traditions and creating new ones as well! This year we decided that next year we will NOT be carving pumpkins. I’m thinking of a much less stressful technique.. Maybe we will paint them!? Has anyone else given up on that tradition? Any other suggestions are welcome!

Octobers books were-with the exception of one book-exceptional! I love when that happens! They were all very different, and I like that! It’s hard for me to read 3 or 4 books consecutively when they’re very similar because I often get the characters & story lines mixed up. Maybe that’s just the busy, distracted mama in me. ha!  I started the month with..

Truly Madly Guilty, by Liane Moriarty
I was very excited to dive in to this one but found myself extremely disappointed. Liane Moriarty is the author of two of my favorite reads from last month, Big Little Lies & What Alice Forgot. So I had very high hopes here! This novel is about a group of old friends that get together for a last minute BBQ at a neighbors house. At this BBQ something happens that will change their lives forever! Personally, I felt like the event that had taken place wasn’t substantial enough to permit such a heavy build up. I was expecting something catastrophic and that- it was not. I also felt like at 517 pages, the book was entirely too long! But, as I said before, I absolutely loved her other two that I’ve read so I will definitely give her another chance!


The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne
This book has been around for a good ten years or so and was all the rage for quite a while! This was actually my third time reading it so I thought it would be a good one to review! I’d suggest this book for many reasons. The Secrets whole belief system  revolves around the law of attraction and the manifestation of your thoughts. It’s actually a very powerful, not to mention helpful, book that most anyone could benefit from!


The Third Wife, by Lisa Jewel
Ahh! This one! It was so good! I read this book in 3 sittings and could’ve easily read it in 1 if the time permitted. The main character Adrian Wolfe has been married three times (hence the title). He can’t seem to get this marriage deal figured out. He’s made some mistakes but he’s still such a likable guy! What happens to his third wife and the leading up to it, are not what you’ll expect and I think you’ll enjoy every twists & turns throughout!


Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng
Another book that I really enjoyed this month! This book has been circling around on all my favorite reading blogs lately so I was very excited to check it out. Its about a mother & daughter who move around often. The mother is an artist and gets the itch to pick up and move every time she finishes a project. But why is she moving so often and why can’t she stay put? This read was suspenseful and offered a depth that I wasn’t expecting. I loved it!!



I hope you’ll at least read one, if not all three of this months recommendations! And please, let me know what you think of them! What are some books you’re enjoying right now? Please share!!


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My September Book Review

First of all..How is it already October?! The year is absolutely flying by!! I can’t believe I’m already reviewing Septembers reads. I should tell you that the first book listed, was read at the beginning of the year. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to be sure and mention it in this months post, before I forget and never do. I wanted to read one more but got kinda stuck on one of them and just couldn’t make myself read it. Does that ever happen to you? Once I decided that I wasn’t into it, I was already invested and my OCD tendencies won’t allow me to just close the book and move on. So there I was, carrying this book with me everywhere went, avoiding reading it. haha! I did finally finish it and i’ll tell you more about that later in the post. So keep reading 🙂

The first book I want to review for you is..

The Orphan Train, By Christina Baker Kline

As mentioned above, I read this one earlier this year. This isn’t something I would normally choose to read. It was actually chosen by the bookclub that I’m in and I’m so glad that it was because I really enjoyed it. The novel bounces back & forth from past to present. It’s about two vey unlikely friends, Vivienne, a 90 year old woman who was an Irish immigrant, lost her entire family as a young girl, and rode the orphan train, ending up with multiple families that were all wrong for her. And Molly, a troubled, gothic, teenager who has spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, and is now doing community service due to her latest bout of trouble with the law. The women come to share a special bond while learning of secrets from the past and discovering hope for the future. If that didn’t sell you, The Orphan Train was also on USA Todays top selling. It’s a fascinating read and I definetly recommend you read it.

What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty

Ohhh this book! My first Liane Moriarty read, and definitely the first of many more! First of all, the cover states, “Heartfelt, witty, and thought-provoking”. DONE! What more can you ask for? This novel was all that and more. Alice is a 29 year old newlywed expecting her first child, when she wakes up on the floor of a gym being told that she is in fact 39, and a divorced mother of three! Can you imagine?? Her accident at the gym has caused her to forget the last ten years of her life and now she has to decide who she wants to be, who she wass, and how the heck she got to where she is today. It’s absolutely wonderful! If you choose only one book from this review, choose this one!

Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty

This book deserves it’s own post, but today, were lumping it together with the others I read. I loved it! Backing up a bit, before reading the book, I watched the HBO mini series, based on the book. It has a star studded cast including Nicole Kidman, Alex Skarsgard (MY FAVORITE), Reese Witherspoon & more! It’s intense, its risqué, and its good. I had planned to read the book first, but it hadn’t come in yet and it was a boring Sunday full of laundry so I decided to check one out, and then another, and another and before I knew it I’d watched every episode and wanted more!!


A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman

This is the book I had some trouble getting into. I tried and tried. I truly wanted to love it because the reviews are great! Ove is a 59 year old grumpy recluse, who lost his wife 4 years prior to cancer. He is on a mission to do something, (what, you will have to wait & see!) Ove is interrupted time after time by neighbors, who need his help. The book was by no means, bad. It was just very humdrum, to me. But like I said the reviews were great! So if you’re still curious after this review, give it a shot. But do let me know what ya think!

Here are a few books I’m hoping to dive into next month.. What books have you read recently??

The Third Wife, by Lisa Jewell


The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood


The Identicals, by Elin Hilderbrand

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Our trip to Nashville!

How was everyone’s week?? The hubby and I just got home from Nashville Tuesday. A little work & a little play! We had the very best time! Lot’s of food, cocktails, dancing, laughing, golfing, shopping, sleeping in, staying out late… All things FUN! Needless to say I have been dragging since we got home. But the show must go on! So here’s some pics & deets from our quick trip. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday we arrived just in time to check into our hotel, freshen up and meet our friends at ‘Kayne Prime’ for dinner. It is such a cool restaurant. Very hip & trendy but still super nice and elegant.

We ordered the popcorn buttered lobster as an appetizer. It’s exactly as described. Buttery lobster topped with buttery popcorn. It was interesting but really good! We also ordered the housemate bacon which was pork belly w/ black peppercorn served over maple cotton candy. Insane right?? It was the perfect compliment to one another, a true culinary experience!

Sunday we went FGL house for brunch. FGL house is a really cool, 3 story restaurant & bar owned and named after Florida Georgia Line. It was really impressive! The downstairs was a very sportier-esque vibe, the middle floor was a little calmer but same idea and the third & final floor was in an in-door outdoor, roof top bar.

When in…Nashville?

& what’s brunch without mimosas? These were really fun served w/ a popsicle!

After brunch we went up to the roof top to watch the rest of the Raider v. Titans game that was actually happening right next door to us!

Sunday evening we rode in a golf cart uber around town to our dinner destination..It was a blast!

Monday the guys played in a golf tournament so my girlfriend Claire & I went exploring. We started off with lunch at this trendy Mexi restaurant called ‘Bar Taco’. It is phenomenal. So good and has a very hipster vibe goin on. The menu is here behind these hot sauces. You look through and check off the items you’d like to order. They had a lunch special going on where you can choose three tacos, and either soup or a salad for $9.99, that’s what I went with!

 Obviously we had to order the chips & guac! Loved this presentation. Warm, fresh tortilla crips & delicious guacamole, served on a small tray.

I chose 2 Baja fish tacos & 1 pork carnitas. The pork was by far my fave! It was marinated in a delicious pineapple sauce. Soooo good!

And we couldn’t have a leisurely Mexican lunch without a margarita in hand! We went with their basic margarita that tasted anything but basic.

After lunch we walked around and found Reese Witherspoon’s store called Draper James. It is darling! Right when you walk in, you are greeted by a sales associate offering you ‘sweet tea while you shop’. How cute is that? To me the store is very southern meets Hamptons. Very clean, lots of white & blues. Just all around adorable!

Here I am in Draper James, super excited because I found one of my favorite bloggers new books!

Click here to order yours!

We also stopped in at Sprinkles. It was my very first time if you can believe that!! We couldn’t decide on what to go with so we went with 3. Their best selling, which is Red Velvet. Then the vanilla milk chocolate, and the black & white. I was hoping to try the lemon but they were out. Boo!

Hubby and I at the golf tournament awards assembly.

 & here’s Claire and I at dinner Monday night.

We had an amazing meal at a restaurant called ‘Oak Steakhouse’.



My Summer ’17 Book Review

Summer has come and gone but one thing that’s stickin’ around is my love for reading! As a teen, and young adult, I loved to read! But once I started having kids, I put my love for reading on the back burner as it was no longer a hobby that I had time to indulge in. A few months ago I made the decision to start reading again and I’m so so happy that I did!

I read a total of 8 books this summer. I tried to go back & forth between light/ easy reads, and a bit heavier, more complex books. Here’s what I read, and what I thought of them!

Click the book or title to purchase for yourself:)

The Shack, by Paul Young

This book has been so hyped up since it first came out, so there was no question about whether or not to read it! It’s a heart wrenching story about a father named Mac, who takes his children on a camping trip only to have his youngest daughter, abducted and brutally murdered. Years later, Mac receives an invitation from God asking him to join him in the same shack where his Missy was murdered. This book really tugs at your heart strings and also offers a lot of hope as well as peace during the hardest of times in life.

Nantucket Nights, by Elin Hilderbrand 

This was my first Elin Hilderbrand read and let me just say that I am a huge fan!! Though this novel isn’t very long, it makes up for it with its super juicy storyline! Kayla, Antoinette & Val, longtime girlfriends and residents of Nantucket have a tradition to night swim (naked.. while enjoying champagne)  in the ocean on the same night, every year.  Only this year, one of the women, swims away and doesn’t return. Meanwhile, secrets are unfolding and lives are changing. This book was an easy, fast read that I absolutely could not put down!!

Behind Closed Doors, by B.A. Paris

 This novel was intense from beginning to end. If you like thrillers, I highly suggest this one! The story really draws you in, from the beginning by telling you all about this newly married couple, where the husband, Jack, is a super handsome and highly lawyer who represents battered women. Money, looks & charm. Grace is the perfect, stay at home wife. Beautiful, always perfectly put together and seems to do and have it all!  Well, thats where the title comes in. And I’ll leave it at that!

The Rumor, by Elin Hilderbrand

This was my second Elin Hilderbrand book and though I loved the first one mentioned above, I think I liked this one even more!! Grace and Madeline seem to have it all. Perfect marriages, money, happy & healthy children but this summer, something has profoundly changed and Madeline, a struggling author, is about to make her come back by writing all about it! This book is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish!


The Blue Bistro, by Elin Hilderbrand

Are you seeing a pattern here? I’ll admit, I was on a bit of a Hilderbrand craze this summer! This one was good but it did take a bit longer for something to “happen” in this novel. The story just goes a bit slower than the earlier too. Adrienne comes to Nantucket in search of a job when she meats a man named Thatcher who just so happens to be part owner of the Blue Bistro, hottest restaurant on Nantucket Island. I love love love reading about the delicious food the restaurant serves. 

The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware

This is another one I’ve been dying to read because it’s been heavily promoted! In my opinion it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. It took a long time for the plot to thicken, but once it did, there were a few major twists that I really enjoyed!! Lo Blacklock is a journalist who gets the offer of her career, to attend an event on a luxury cruise ship. What starts as a dream come true quickly becomes a nightmare when Lo witnesses someone being thrown overboard. It’s suspenseful, frightening and a bit disturbing but not too extreme!

The Love Season, by Elin Hilderbrand

Okay, did I tell you or what? I am totally hooked on this author!! This story takes place in a 24 hour time span. However the author does a great jo going back in time to recall memories to provide missing information. An enjoyable read about love, friendships and family.


The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train may have been my favorite in its genre! When I say I could not put this book down, I’m not being dramatic, I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! It was so interesting the way the author went back & forth between past & present. The story is told from three different perspectives. Rachel, Megan, and Anna. One of them goes missing, one of them witnesses an affair in which seems to be at the center of the first woman’s tragedy, and the third woman is living a life that is not at all what she thought it was, in the very worst way possible. And somehow, the three women are connected. It’s so good!!

I definitely suggest you give a few, if not all, of these books a shot! Here’s a few others that I plan to read in the next few months..

Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty


What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty


The Third Wife, by Lisa Jewel

What are some books you look forward to reading soon?? Please share in the comments below!

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