5 Easy Tips to a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

If there’s one thing that you should know about me, it’s that I love to entertain. Like, we’re talking, love everything about it! I love having my home filled with loved ones. I love preparing delicious food for my guests. And most importantly, I loveee setting a beautiful table!

Thanksgiving is next week (how did that happen?) So I am here to help you with 5 Easy Tips to a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table! This post will help you do one of two things: 1. Create a table scape with what you’ve got using the tips that I’m sharing with YOU! or 2. You can purchase very similar items to create your own thanksgiving table, with the items i’ll be linking below! Whichever you choose, I hope you enjoy..Let’s get started!

1. Choosing your color scheme

Before you do anything else, decide on your color scheme. This year blue tones during the Autumn months are all the rage! My Thanksgiving color palette always consists of lots of gold and brown tones and then I add to it from there. The last few years I’ve used the same salad plates, and then added different pieces along the way. I purchased these salad plates at Homegoods 3 or 4 years ago and decided they were a great investment for years to come! Although I haven’t seen any since, I did find these on Amazon, that are very similar.

I went with a very classic salad plate that has multiple colors in the design that way I can change it up each year. There’s blush, orange, yellow, blues, and even green tones! See what I mean? By choosing a staple item with multiple colors i.e. salad plate, my options for accent colors are endless. A few years back I went with brown accents. This year I’m really excited about incorporating lots of blue! I found these beautiful napkins and the placemat that I used for my centerpiece, at Pier1.

2. Layers, Layers, Layers

You’ll notice that I didn’t use a tablecloth. Personally, I prefer the look of the polished wood to the cloth for Thanksgiving table-scapes. With that being said, I’m using large, round, gold placemats instead. If you’re more traditional and prefer a tablecloth, have at it. Start there. I also had some light blue placemats that were a bit smaller than my gold, round ones but a bit larger than my gold chargers, SCORE!! See how easily I added a whole extra layer to my place setting. And I didn’t have to spend a dime!  I always use chargers when hosting a dinner. I have a small collection and use them often for company. It’s so fun layering different shapes and colors to create a beautiful luxurious looking place setting. Another money saving tip is that I always always use my white dinner plates. There just simple white plates but by adding other layers below and above them, we’re really dressing them up!

3. Centerpiece

The centerpiece is very important because as you know, this will be your tables focal point. It’s important that whatever you choose, you keep it at eye level so that you’re able to see over it. You want to be able to talk to and enjoy each of your guests! Check around your house before you make a purchase. You’d be surprised  at what your already have laying around. This year I decided to showcase my pecan pie. {Recipe HERE!} And surprise! I already had this beautiful cake stand . In years past I’ve used various sized white pumpkins, candles from around the house with pinecones. Another idea..If your table is large enough, lay down a table runner and then place all of your Thanksgiving side dishes along it! This way no one has to get up from the table  for seconds and everyone can enjoy the beautiful food y’all worked so hard to prepare!

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4. Place Setting Trinket

I’m all about leaving your guests with something to remember the day/ evening by. An individual, maybe even personal, place setting trinket for your guests to take home with them. Not only is it a super sweet gesture but it also adds more personality to your table! Maybe a small baked good, a little pumpkin, a personalized note or photo. Get creative with it! This year I typed out this ‘Thanksgiving Prayer’ onto pretty gold metallic paper. I cut each poem out, used my hole punch to make a little hole then attached a pretty ribbon that matched my color scheme. I found these cute little gold pinecones at Hobby Lobby and tied each poem to it.

Isn’t that special?!

A few years ago I made mini chocolate chip pumpkin breads in these cute little ramekins that I found in the dollar bin at target! I packed each one in a cellophane bag and tied raffia around it.


5. Finishing Touches

By finishing touches I mean stemware and napkins. Napkins are fun because you can do so much with them! If you’re working with neutral plates & chargers, I’d recommend using a bolder, livelier napkin. As you can see my salad plates are the main attraction for my settings so I went with a solid napkin. You can fold your napkins and place them under your salad plates, like I did this year. Place them to the left of your settings (traditional table protocal), or tie a decorative ribbon around them and place them in your water glasses!

As for your stemware. I like to have both a water glass and a wine glass at each setting. Not only does it give your table a very polished look, it’s a functional addition. I know that almost everyone at our gathering will have water or iced tea and a glass of wine. If you’re serving a certain beverage of the evening, by all means, use the appropriate glasses.

Here are some products that I recommend to create your own Thanksgiving table scape! Almost all of these items are Amazon Prime, therefor they’ll ship within 2 days!

I hope that you enjoyed my 5 Easy Tips to a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of yummy goodness and loved ones!

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